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Amino Acids and Muscle Growth

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I recently found an important study in the Applied Physiology Nutrition Metabolism Journal.

If you're interested in muscle growth or even just preventing muscle loss as you get older, then you will want to read the information on this study...

Amino Acid Availability Critical For Muscle Growth

"Muscle is in a constant state of synthesis and breakdown and requires adequate protein intake to maintain size, even when overloaded through weight training.

Amino acids that make up proteins serve as chemical signalers and building blocks for muscle proteins.

Stewart Phillips from McMaster University summarized how weight training and protein intake cause muscle growth. Leucine is the key amino acid for turning on muscle protein synthesis, but muscle hypertrophy grinds to a halt without the full complement of essential amino acids.

Following an intense resistance exercise, muscle protein synthesis occurs in direct proportion to protein intake, peaking at 20 to 40 grams.

The protein synthesis pathway is most active in fast twitch muscle fibers, which respond best to high-intensity weight training. Peak muscle growth occurs when you concentrate on these fibers by emphasizing high stress training programs.

Sarcopenia is a condition where muscle mass declines gradually in middle-age. Muscle loss eventually leads to decreased strength and quality of life.

People over 40 years of age or less responsive to key amino acids, so they should consume protein often during the day to maintain muscle mass and prevent atrophy (muscle breakdown).

Older adults should combine weight training and adequate protein intake to preserve muscle mass as they age."

Source: Applied physiology nutrition and metabolism, 34:403-410, 2009

It is amazing that science is just now discovering things that Rheo Blair knew to be true over 40 years ago. Such as how important it is to take high quality amino acids in the precise ratio immediately after your workout to recover faster and trigger maximum muscle growth.

For more information on Rheo Blair's amino acids formula for muscle growth visit the link below:

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