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Don Howorth Bodybuilder

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Rheo Blair and Don Howorth Pic

Don Howorth "Mr America 1967" "Mr World 1968" and Rheo H Blair "Builder of Champions"

"Rheo H Blair with his student Don Richard Howorth. Blair has been Howorth's nutritional advisor for the past four years. He has been following advanced nutrition principles such as were used by Larry Scott and Gable Boudreaux on their rise to fame. Howorth and Blair are waiting in the Blair executive office for your phone call, that they might discuss your own training program and advise you on progressive, modern nutrition and training systems."

Don Howorth Bodybuilder

Don was a very popular bodybuilder in the 1960's famous for his super wide shoulders. He has trained at Vic Tanny’s gym, American Health Studios (where Steve Reeves also trained), Gene Mozee’s Pasadena gym and of course the "Iron Guru" Vince Gironda’s gym. His titles include Mr. Fiesta, Mr. Los Angeles, Mr. California, Mr. West Coast, Mr. America and and Mr. World.

Don Howorth Workout

Don has said in interviews that to build his amazing delts he did a lot of barbell press behind the neck and dumbbell presses. He didn't do shrugs because he felt big traps make you look less wide.

He worked out up to two hours a day, with as little as a 20 seconds rest between sets to keep his heart rate up. This made his workouts both anaerobic and aerobic, so he needed no cardio after the workout was done.

Don Howorth Diet

Don Howorth muscle building diet was influenced by both Rheo Blair and Vince Gironda, it was high protein, high fat and low carbohydrate. He would eat up to two pounds of meat, a quart of raw milk, a quart of raw cream and up to three dozen eggs every day. He ate whole eggs not just egg whites because he felt "The fat in the egg yolk is a natural precursor to testosterone".

He also took Rheo Blair supplements such as Blair protein with cream, Blair amino acids, digestive enzymes and a liver supplement. Rheo Blair talked about how Don would very slowly sip his morning protein drink "You might do as Don Howorth does. First thing in the morning he would mix or pour the protein drink and start sipping. Then he'd shower and sip some more. After shaving, some more. After thirty minutes or so he's ready to sip the last and start the day's work."

Don Howorth Photos and Video

Don Howorth Photo

Don Howorth Wild Wild West playing a muscular blacksmith

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