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Frank Zane Diet

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Frank Zane

I have read many Frank Zane magazine interviews and I will try to write up what he has said about his diet.

In the off season, he said he got about 300 grams of protein each day this came from a pound of meat, fish and eggs.

He also had 3 protein drinks a day (two ounces of heavy cream, six ounces of water and a half a cup of Blair protein powder).

For pre contest his diet was:

Breakfast, 4 hard boiled eggs with black coffee.

Lunch, large mixed salad with tuna or chicken breast and ice tea.

Dinner, 1/2 lb beef,chicken lamb, or fish, another salad, 2 cooked vegtables.

Before a contest he used no protein drinks, becuase he said they make you smooth. Instead he used Rheo Blairs's special amino acid capsules which at the time cost $600 for 1,000 capsules. He said these capsules burned off fat while increasing muscle and strength.

He kept his carbs low and before a contest he would go on zero carbs for up 5 days in a row eating a baked potato on the 6th. This would be repeated if necessary for up to two weeks before the show.

Click Here To Get Rheo Blair Protein Amino Acid Capsules

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