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How to use Blair Protein Powder

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Rheo Blair Protein Powder

HOW TO USE BLAIR'S PROTEIN (as written by rheo himself)

You can be assured that this protein concentrate is unlike anything you have used before. It is made from milk and eggs but processed at low temperature so as to preserve amino acids as close as possible to original values. This means you can expect better results than with lower grade proteins or from the various undenatured products. Used as we direct, results can be Amazing and Dramatic..

We recommend using one-third cupful level (or 1/4 cupful heaping) mixed into a glassful of true, homemade "Half and Half". This you can make by adding 1/2 glassful heavy (whipping) cream , also raw preferred. Add one whole raw egg for each such 8 ounce recipe. This may be beaten, shaken or blended to make a Delicious Protein Drink.

If you make a blederful at a time, use one pint milk and one pint whipping cream and from four to six raw eggs (fertile if possible) with from one cupful to 1-1/2 cupfuls of the protein.

Be careful not to "Drink" the protein mixture; it should be sipped slowly if you wish to avoid problems that may arise from pouring protein into the stomach to fast. Blairs students are trained to take about 30 minutes slowly sipping the glassful while busy with other things like washing and dressing in the morning, working during the day, working out in the evening. Slow sipping is very important!

Most women and all persons with a weight problems may find it advisable to use only a single 8-ounce glassful of the mixture per day, taken in 1/3- cup feedings.

Blair students are accustomed to using a good digestant with each glass of protein. We feel that everybody, including young people, may need extra help in digesting a protein concentrate like ours. Some students insist they doubled there gains in fitness when using a digestant with there protein. Others like myself lost there intolerance to certain proteins...

Click Here To Get Rheo Blair Protein Amino Acid Capsules

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