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Mr. America Muscles in Six Months

Mr. America Muscles in Six Months

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Mr. America Competitor in Six Months

By Dennis B. Weis of dennisbweis.com

Back in the 1960s, Iron Man magazine brought to the attention of the bodybuilding public the unmatched success rate a nutritionist named Rheo H. Blair, aka Irvin Johnson, was having for supervising the nutritional programs of top physique champions from all around the country. My knowledge of Rheo H. Blair was primarily from what I read in Iron Man magazine.

I learned that Southern California area physique champions such as Gable-Paul Boudreaux, Dave Draper, Vince Gironda, Don Richard Howorth, Larry Scott, and Frank Zane would go to Rheo's white stucco house in Los Angeles and load up on his wildly popular and result-producing milk and egg protein powder and other Blair supplement formulas. As well other leading physique champions from around the country used his products exclusively.

It wasn't long before I got a bug in my can to investigate the possibility of a personally supervised nutrition program for myself, so I gave Rheo H. Blair a phone call.

Rheo had a reassuring quality about himself that put me at ease. He patiently answered all my questions regarding his program, and then he declared that I could become a Mr. America competitor in six months if I would follow his highly sophisticated and intensive Advanced Program of nutrition, which he would personally supervise. He went on to say that the full-blown program would not only include his famous "Super" milk and egg protein powder (mixed with raw cream), but also some of his other "private" supplement formulas, which were not available in stores or by mail order to the general public.

"What's the cost?" I asked.

Rheo quoted a figure of $375 per month!

I couldn't believe my ears, and it wasn't about the cost. "Wow! A Mr. America competitor in six months," I gasped. I was ready to cut him a check for the first month's worth of supplements that very day.

But $375 was a lot of dough to spend per month back in the 1960s, so I decided not to go on the Rheo H. Blair Advanced Program, but ultimately I did use the Regular Program (less intensive), which included all the famous Blair formulas available on the public market (in health food stores and gyms or by mail order). I have to say that the Rheo H. Blair protein cocktails were luscious even by today's standards of quality and tastes in protein.

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