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Vince Gironda Supplements

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Vince Gironda Supplements

Vince Gironda was way ahead of his time when it came to supplementation and diet. He started seeing the advantage of reducing carbs creating ketones to reduce fat long before the famous Dr. Atkins started with his high fat high protein diets to lose fat.

Vince saw the advantage of digesting food correctly and his winning formula helped him develop a body that was able to compete as a professional bodybuilder. He felt strongly about daily supplementation in order to help speed up recuperation and digestion.

Vince spoke at length about the importance of supplementation for any good bodybuilder. He felt strongly about supplementing with liver tablets as well as various glandular and amino acid supplements in order to keep the endocrine system function optimally.

Although BCAA's did not exist in the format that we find today Vince saw the advantage of taking branch chained amino acids after every meal. His theory of the importance of taking amino acids post workout has since been conclusively proven to be true by various studies.

Every morning with breakfast Vince would take 16 different supplements to help his body build muscle. He always stressed the importance of aiding digestion and said that optimal efficiency in metabolism came from supplementation as the processed foods we eat are lacking specific vitamins and certain minerals. Even adding hydrochloric acid tabs to aid digestion.

Excluding his protein shakes and general high protein intake Vince would take a wide range of supplements before he started his day. When he was training for a competition he would increase the supplements listed below. He would add vitamin C and more B complex as well as digestive enzymes with his evening meals.

Vince Gironda's morning supplement stack:

1 X multivitamin tablet
3 X vit A tablets
3 X vit D tablets
1 X vit B complex
3 X halibut liver-oil capsules
1 X vit B-15 tablet
1 X vit C complex tablet
2 X vit E capsules
1 X zinc tablet
1 X chelated mineral tablet
5 X alfafa tablets
10 X kelp tablets
3 X digestive enzyme tablets taken after breakfast
3 X multi-glandular nucleo glan tablets
1 X RNA/DNA tablet
3 X tri-germ/wheat capsules

Click Here To Get Rheo Blair Protein Amino Acid Capsules

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